Red Wine Can Benefit Your Skin & Hair In Ways You Can Never Have Imagined!

Find Out How Red Wine Extracts Can Revolutionise Your Skin & Hair Care Routines And Boost Your Oomph Factor

When you come home from work, there’s probably nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than having a glass of wine and letting go…. 

Be it a Merlot, Pinot Noir, or Zinfandel; red wine can be the perfect nightcap! 

Everyone’s heard of the antioxidants present in red wine. They can help promote our health and overall well-being. But did you know red wine extracts can also benefit your skin and hair

The polyphenols in red wine are well known for their neuroprotective properties. But did you know they can also revive dull complexion and prevent stress acne?

Oh yes! You heard it right. There are various red wine benefits for skin and hair.

Red wine has some very interesting chemicals, like flavonoids and tannins, which can enhance your skin’s elasticity. It’s also rich in resveratrol that helps combat hair loss and promotes a healthy shine, among other things. 

So, if you’re looking for products with red wine extracts, Amio Wellness has got your back. Our offerings include Red Wine Serum, Wine Sleeping Mask and Red Wine Hair Cleanser that can boost your natural beauty, manifold!

So, are you curious to see how red wine extracts can make you look and feel more glamorous? Dive in!

How Can Red Wine Benefit Your Skin?

In many ways! 

In fact, red wine extract has revolutionised the skincare industry. Let’s explain. 

Uses Of Red Wine In Skincare

#1. Prevents Premature Ageing 

What better way to age like a fine wine than to use products like Amio Wellness’ Wine Sleeping Mask that can naturally boost your skin’s elasticity and help you stay looking young for a longer time? 

Red wine contains resveratrol — an antioxidant polyphenol found in the skin of grapes. This natural compound has unique anti-ageing properties that fight oxidative stress that your skin undergoes when exposed to sunlight, pollution, and toxins in food and water and promote skin cell regeneration and growth. 

Plus, the flavonoids and tannins in red wine can also restore the skin’s natural collagen levels, keeping you looking healthier and younger.

So you can bid adieu to premature ageing!

#2. Makes Skin Glowy

Polyphenols in red wine can prevent skin cell damage caused by oxidation, thereby retaining your skin's natural lustre. 

You no longer have to worry about dull or dry skin, especially with Amio Wellness’ Red Wine Serum, which contains red wine extracts and other potent ingredients, like Vitamin C, that improves the skin’s texture and prevents it from further damage. 

#3. Curbs Acne Outbreaks

Acne is quite painful and can severely damage a young adult’s self-esteem. But red wine extracts can prevent that. 

The resveratrol in red wine has strong bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. These properties can help clear your skin’s pores and prevent further breakouts. 

Who Can Benefit From Red Wine-Based Skincare Products?

A lot many people. No matter your gender or age. Anyone can get red wine benefits for skin by adding red wine extracts to their skincare routine.

But here are a few focus groups that can benefit a lot more than others:

  • People with acne-prone skin
  • People with age-related skin issues (wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, etc.)
  • People with dry skin, looking to improve its texture and elasticity
  • People with damaged skin (by pollution, UV rays, etc.) 

Incorporating Red Wine Into Your Skincare Routine

There are many unique — and fun — ways to incorporate this antioxidant-rich natural extract into your routine. 

Here are a few:

#1. As A Cleanser

Red wine makes for a potent cleanser — thanks to its antibacterial properties. 

  • Mix two spoonfuls of red wine with the same volume of lemon juice. 
  • Apply the mix to your skin with a cotton pad. 
  • Gently massage. Remove with tissue paper. 

#2. As A Scrub

Since red wine also helps remove dead skin, it’s easy to incorporate it into your skin cleansing routine. 

  • Take a spoonful of any good natural exfoliator (ground rice, coffee, or sugar). 
  • Add two to three spoons of red wine to it. 
  • Mix properly into a paste.
  • Apply to your face.
  • Massage in gentle circular motions for a few seconds.
  • Wash off with clean water. 

#3. As A Toner

If you suddenly find yourself out of your regular skin toner, you can use red wine, too, and still enjoy the red wine benefits for skin

  • Cleanse your face with your usual facial cleanser.
  • Dip a clean cotton ball or pad into red wine and glide it across your face and neck. 

This will help control the skin’s sebum secretion, remove dead cells, and clear pores. 

#4. As A Serum

If you haven’t incorporated a serum into your skincare routine yet, Amio Wellness’ Red Wine Serum is your best option. Besides red wine extracts, this serum also harnesses the power of Vitamin C, Witch Hazel, and Hyaluronic Acid, all of which help improve the skin’s texture and glow. 

  • Cleanse your face. 
  • Take 2-3 drops of the serum. 
  • Spread it evenly all over the face in a circular motion. 
  • Once tacky, complete your usual skincare routine. 
  • Use it any time of the day — AM or PM. 

Red wine extract serum

#5. As A Sleep Mask

Red wine-based masks are also a great way to enhance your skin's natural elasticity and glow. 

A case in point: Amio Wellness’ Wine Sleeping Mask

It’s a gel-based mask with active ingredients, such as Niacinamide, Aloe Vera, and Cucumber extracts, to tighten your pores, hydrate your skin, and balance its pH levels. 

This mask is quick-absorbing. It won’t mess with your sheets and pillow covers during the night. It is easy to use, too. 

  • Simply slather it on over your regular nighttime skincare products
  • Leave it on overnight. 
  • Wash it off with water when you wake up in the morning. 
  • You can use it every night. 

#6. As An Ingredient For Facials

Depending on what you’re looking for in your facial, you can use different kinds of wines. While Pinot Noirs are excellent reservoirs for resveratrol, Shiraz, Cabernets, or Merlots have high levels of the antioxidant procyanidin. 

All the ways mentioned above offer the benefits of a good wine facial, allowing you to make the most of its natural resources. 

Benefits Of Red Wine For Hair

People give a lot of importance to skincare. But what about your hair?

Let’s switch gears and talk about how red wine extracts can help you rejuvenate your hair health and attain those thick and luscious locks you’ve always desired.  

Uses Of Red Wine For Hair

#1. Prevents Hair Loss

Resveratrol in red wine has anti-apoptotic properties that boost hair growth by fighting oxidative stress and promoting hair cell regeneration. Studies suggest that this can effectively prevent hair loss.

So, you can forget about thinning hair issues or receding hairline!

#2. Can Help Fight Dandruff  

Drinking red wine can be a good way to boost blood circulation to the scalp and keep dandruff in check. But red wine shampoos, like Amio Wellness’ Red Wine Hair Cleanser, are far more effective. 

The potent antioxidants in red wine can fight free radicals, thereby reducing dryness, dandruff, dullness, and frizziness. 

Who Can Benefit From Adding Red Wine Extracts To Their Hair Care Routine? 

Red wine extracts don’t discriminate against anyone. But some specific groups of people can certainly benefit a lot from such products. 

They include:

  • People with chronic dry scalp issues, like dandruff
  • People suffering from consistent hair fall
  • People with dull, dry, or frizzy hair
  • People who are looking for smoother, shinier hair (we suspect that’s everyone!)

Incorporating Red Wine Into Your Hair Care Routine

Although red wine’s benefits for the skin are more well-known, your hair, too, can benefit a lot from it. 

You can try the following ways:

#1. As A Shampoo

Think about it: Red wine’s unique properties make it an ideal hair and scalp cleanser and nourisher.

For smoother, lustrous, dandruff-free, and damage-free hair, you can try Amio Wellness’ Red Wine Hair Cleanser. It also contains other active ingredients like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Bhringraj, and Ashwagandha extract, among others, to help enhance your hair’s overall quality and health. Use it like any other shampoo and see the results!

#2. To Treat An Itchy Scalp

Red wine can also be an effective home remedy for tackling an itchy scalp. 

  • Mix half a cup of red wine with two tablespoons of minced garlic in a bowl.
  • Let it sit overnight. 
  • In the morning, massage the mix into your scalp. 
  • Let it sit for about half an hour. 
  • Wash it off with a mild cleansing shampoo. 

And voila!

You’ve got yourself a squeaky clean scalp and well-nourished and shiny hair. 

#3. For Hair Growth 

Here’s what you should do: 

  • Whip up two raw eggs in a bowl. 
  • Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Whisk them together. 
  • Add two spoonfuls of olive oil and whisk again. 
  • Add five spoons of red wine to the mix. 
  • Apply this paste to your scalp. Wait for half an hour before washing it off. 

Doing this at least once every month can improve your hair’s density and shine.

Can Drinking Red Wine Help?

Well, yes! It’s no secret that a glass of red wine a day can help you fight numerous ailments, like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

But drinking a glass of red wine a day can also help improve the quality of your skin and hair. But overdoing it in hopes of achieving better skin and hair is counterproductive, especially if you become a heavy drinker!

Besides, when you ingest something, its chemical components break down and travel to all parts of the body, gradually dissipating into the smallest corners of the entire body, leaving very little for the skin or hair. [Your body does not consider them a priority.] 

But if you use these extracts in a focussed manner, like a topical product targeting the hair or skin, the likelihood of these parts getting adequate attention gets higher.


Q: How does red wine extract differ from grape seed extract? 

A: Red wine extracts are obtained through the complete fermentation of the whole grapes (skin, flesh, and seeds, if present) and their subsequent distillation to remove the alcohol content. The end product contains some unique nutrients that are excellent for skin and hair.

Grape seed extracts (aka oils), on the other hand, are derived from hot-pressing grape seeds alone. Whatever remains of the seeds is then ground into a powder and blended into the mix to boost its powers or added to other medicinal extracts to produce potent supplements.

Q: Do red wine extracts contain alcohol?

A: Red wine extracts don’t contain any wine! The alcohol content is safely removed from the fermented solution to produce alcohol-free red wine extracts. In some cases, only traces of alcohol (<0.08%) may remain. But that makes no difference to the consumer who is using it topically. 

Note: Red wine has an alcohol content of ~12% to 14%.

Before We Part Ways

So, if your curiosity is amply piqued, try our Red Wine Skin Care Combo. It includes our Red Wine Face Serum, Red Wine Sleeping Mask, and Red Wine Hair Cleanser at a discounted rate! Incorporate red wine extract into your daily self-care routine and enjoy the red wine benefits for skin and hair. Check out our trending collections today.

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