About us

The day you decide to dare and break free, that’s the day you are born.

It still feels like a dream, but one that we turned into an alluring reality! The story of ‘Amio Wellness’ is no less than a joy ride towards self-discovery and breaking the fence. Our voyage began in the year 2020, with a colloquy among friends at a house party. The discourse was about the varied perceptions of beauty and self-care. How self-care rarely encompasses its most important aspects – sexuality and intimacy. And at a place one least expected it, our idea of the brand got ignited over some moreish snacks and drinks.

Thus, we started off on a mission to break the stereotype and turn intimacy into an accepted subject of day-to-day conversations. We aim to educate our community that it is equally important to focus on intimate and sexual wellbeing and to not settle for disappointing and unpleasant experiences. For us, beauty and wellness is a result of self-love and self-care. With this thought, we went on to build a brand which encourages people to take care of their skin and hair from head to toe and everywhere in between! That is how ‘Amio Wellness’ was born., ‘Amio’ comes from the French word ‘Ame’ which means ‘soul’. Our deep expertise in pharmaceuticals helped us shape our thought into a scientifically researched curation of products.  Backed with the goodness of nature, we bring to you premium quality products that enhance your intimate and sexual experiences by helping you discover the best version of you – both on the inside and outside.

Our key categories:

-Intimate Wellness – Our major product range defines our glee moments in our personal lives. Designed for men and women equally, our premium offerings add up to the zing in your bedrooms.

- Skin Care - Going a step up with skin routine, we believe that a healthy skin is beautiful skin. Afterall, the largest organ of our body deserves the sincerest care. Our Skin Care range resolves the need for a quality product range that rejuvenates and nourishes our skin naturally.

- Hair Care – Beautiful lustrous hair is not just a dream. On our journey already to make dreams reality, we discovered and brought up a range of products which you not only love but will live by.

Join the journey of being who you are, loving who you are and being free from the invisible barriers. Celebrating sexual pleasures, looking magnificent and being the best version of you.

It’s time to take the charge.